We are aware of 'copy cat' products on the marketplace. Buying online, it can be difficult to tell the difference. Our firepits are made from 3mm or 5mm steel and are individually crafted and man made, rather than mass produced. The weight of our most popular fire pit is 35kgs - where similar 'looking' copy cat fire pits come in at less than 10kgs. With personalised customisation options also available we guarantee total satisfaction.




Hi folks, we have had some great feedback on our pits and love seeing them in action.

When you see a fire pit out there - please don't assume it is ours.  Not all fire pits are the same.  There are copies of our pits on the market, and even, believe it or not, copies of those copies.  If you look closely, you can see the difference (we can) and the longevity of the product will also be an issue.  

We are the original designer, manufacturer.   We know and do things that are exclusive to us that the copies do not have knowledge of or access to.  ONLY when you purchase a N I CUSTOMS fire pit are you purchasing the real McCoy and the best.  

We have had complaints about fire pits discolouring, pain flaking etc, only to call out and find that the fire pit was not manufactured or even sold by us at all.  The customer assumed that by coming to us after the sale, they were coming to the people responsible for their fire pit.  The only way to be certain you are purchasing a N I CUSTOMS fire pit is to purchase from us on this website.  Thank you.

Galvanising has been a request but something we refuse to do as zinc fumes are extremely toxic and at these heats would be a severe health risk. 

Our products are made from between 3mm and 5mm plate steel and are designed to last a lifetime.   Our pits generate an astounding amount of heat, because the structure and design can handle it; plus the volume of fuel our chamber can actually take. 

With just burning wood and overloading the pits they can generate over 550 degrees. 

In comparison a household BBQ generates around 280 degrees maximum.   Similar products from DIY chains are made from 1mm - 1.2mm steel.    We have a pot belly chimenea we purchased 9 months ago and it lasted 4 fires and is literally falling to pieces with large portions of the actual metal flaking off.  Most pits on the market are designed to last 1 summer and be replaced the next.   When you buy a NI CUSTOMS pit you buy a pit for life.    

From 10th June 2020
As standard, from today, we use a heat resistant matt paint which we stand over to a heat of 600 degrees through our own testing.  It will not blow off but may discolour slightly over time and may need retouched.  We do not charge any extra (as others do) for this high quality paint.  If you prefer the aesthetic of the gloss paint, just let us know when you place your order.  There is no variation on price, however the gloss paint only stands to 400 degrees of heat.  

We believe in continual improvement at NI customs which is why we believe in not just designing new exciting products but also refining and improving existing products to exceed customer expectations and ensure everything we make and supply is of the highest quality. 

In conclusion there is no product on the market within a reasonable price point that will withstand the heat a NI CUSTOMS fire pit produces. We do not see the benefit in reducing the steel grade and thickness nor reducing the chamber sizes. We feel that the tips and safety advice we provide will allow safe use of our custom pits for many years to come.   Thanks for reading!    

The N I Customs Team