N I CUSTOMS are MASTER CRAFTSMEN and are the original designer and manufacturer of the 3mm and 5mm steel fire pits. 

 NOT ALL FIRE PITS ARE THE SAME: There are many copies out there which are not NICUSTOMS fire pits. They weigh less and some are mass produced rather than individually hand crafted. Our new improved designs for 2021 with integrated ash pans (and more) set us apart. Make sure the fire pit you buy is a genuine NI CUSTOMS fire pit that is built to last. BUY IT ONCE - BUY IT RIGHT!

Delivery Times and Manufacturing Processes

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Key to understanding what it is you are purchasing when you buy from N I CUSTOMS is that you are not purchasing a bargain basement product that is a reproduced copy (of which there are many on the market).

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and only when they achieve the N I CUSTOMS stamp of approval are they despatched to you.


Factory Drying RoomOur products are custom made (hence the name N I CUSTOMS) and are made to order for individual customers.

We do not cut corners or 'stack 'em high to sell 'em low'.  

Each product is 'commissioned' to you individually and goes through a process of quality control from any customisation design, right through to shop floor manufacture.  

Once approved - then it is painted.  Any paint needs to sit in a dry room for 48-72 hours until it is completely dry before it is moved.  If the paint is not completely cured, this can lead to damage in transit.

This of course has to be balanced with the understandable desire urgent need of each customer to take delivery of their new product as soon as possible.

Final inspection takes place and if passed, your product is boxed and packaged ready for despatch.

NOTE:  There are rare occasions when at any point during inspection - in any man made 'craftsmanship situation' we may have to 'start again' to ensure perfection.  Please be aware of this.   We do not want to ship a product to you, that arrives, either damaged and/or not meeting your expectations.  We are a 40 year old family business and we take very seriously the need to provide a quality assured service.  This means our product cannot be rushed.   The patience of this, by both ourselves and our customers, is ALWAYS worth it.   You have to be delighted with your product and also how we dealt with you from start to finish.


Another delivery leaving the factoryProducts are leaving our factory every day.  However, once they enter the logistical systems of the UK and IRELAND, N I CUSTOMS have little or no control over the delivery process.  We do demand the best from our suppliers and monitor this closely.

We have recently noticed occasional delays while logistics companies deal with the air freight and border issues that are now part and parcel (forgive the pun) of the COVID 19 situation.  This is not only affecting ourselves, but all freight and delivery services.  This also applies to our own incoming stocks and materials.

If you are experiencing any delay in receiving your package from us, we do appreciate your patience and understanding - especially in these challenging times.

At all times, should you wish to contact us, please do so via the various methods we have made available to you.  We are only too happy to liaise with you and put your mind at ease during these 'strange and challenging times'.  We also appreciate your patience greatly!  Thank you!

At your service and working hard to exceed your expectations in very challenging times.




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