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 NOT ALL FIRE PITS ARE THE SAME: There are many copies out there which are not NICUSTOMS fire pits. They weigh less and some are mass produced rather than individually hand crafted. Our new improved designs for 2021 with integrated ash pans (and more) set us apart. Make sure the fire pit you buy is a genuine NI CUSTOMS fire pit that is built to last. BUY IT ONCE - BUY IT RIGHT!

The little known benefits of using briquettes

Friday, March 5, 2021

Briquettes have long been a popular fuel source in Easter and Northern Europe. Compact, easy to use, briquettes have been long overdue as a recognised fuel source in the UK and Ireland.  There are so many benefits to using wood briquettes that many individuals and companies are just now beginning to realise.


Wood briquettes are made from recycled scrap and waste from businesses like wood working plants, furniture factories and saw mills. Composed of a variety of byproducts including sawdust, chips and shredded scraps, briquetted wood turns waste into a premium fuel source and saves storage and transportation expenses.

Briquettes are also a carbon neutral fuel source that is substantially more resource and environmentally friendly than coal. Since they are produced using hydraulic force, without the involvement of any chemicals, they can even be used for personal use in campsites and grills/barbecues to cook.

Briquettes consistently outperform cord wood in burn time and generated heat. With moisture levels averaging less than 10%, wood briquettes cause less build up in the chimney and flue than cord wood. Wood briquettes also provide a cleaner burn than coal or wood.

Not only can you burn wood briquettes in open and closed fireplaces, woodstoves, fire pits, wood boilers and furnaces.  With our pure birch or oak briquettes you will be amazed at the burn time and the cost efficiences.

We believe once you use them you will never go back.  We provide an easy subscription service to ensure your choice of birch or oak briquettes arrives at your door just when you need them.


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