N I CUSTOMS are MASTER CRAFTSMEN and are the original designer and manufacturer of the 3mm and 5mm steel fire pits. 

 NOT ALL FIRE PITS ARE THE SAME: There are many copies out there which are not NICUSTOMS fire pits. They weigh less and some are mass produced rather than individually hand crafted. Our new improved designs for 2021 with integrated ash pans (and more) set us apart. Make sure the fire pit you buy is a genuine NI CUSTOMS fire pit that is built to last. BUY IT ONCE - BUY IT RIGHT!

Monday, November 23, 2020
  • Dry store during winter months to maintain.
  • The item may need repainted before it goes into storage for the winter, the paint we have found to be ideal for this is, Hammerite BBQ Paint.
  • Do not use coal. Coal burns significantly hotter than wood and may damage the firepit.
  • Do not use an accelerant, such as petrol, to light the firepit. This may damage the firepit.
  • Never leave a burning firepit alone.
  • Ensure ashes are fully cooled before removing with a small shovel.
  • When using the firepit on decking, it is best that the firepit sits on top of a slab or tile to ensure the ash doesn’t land on the decking.

Generally these are just precautions and guidelines but the item is super sturdy and the only issue will be the paint, which as great as it is, won’t last forever. So topping this up is the best way to keep it looking pretty!